The Ultimate Furniture Guide: New Home Setup Edition

Congratulations on the dream home you’ve planned for years! The journey only gets more exciting from here and you’ve landed at just the right place. As you embark on your home decor venture, use this checklist to ensure you curate only the best setup for your haven.

Read on as we help you navigate through the plethora of furniture design options to set up in your living space, bedroom, and more!

Living Room Furniture - Lounge in Style

The living room is the most inviting space of any house, and its furniture is what draws a character to it. You want to think through the living room furniture to truly make it the heart of your home.

While comfort is paramount to lounging, style shouldn’t go amiss! Opt for a plush upholstery and sleek style that complement your aesthetic. You can head out to the best furniture store in Hyderabad and make your living room furniture come alive with the addition of premium accent chairs, coffee tables, pouffes, and perhaps a bookshelfthat binds the space.

Dining Room Furniture - Dine in Decadence

Every meal deserves a memorable dining experience and for that, you need to add an element of personalisation. Apart from having functional dining room furniture, focus on what can add a little oomph to it. Consider bringing home a bench or console that not only adds to the seating space but also acts as a conversation starter. To accommodate parties or big family gatherings, a side unit comes in handy as it solves all your storage needs.

You can browse some of the latest dining room furniture trends and styles here or just head out to Bay Window Store in Hyderabad.

Bedroom Furniture - Float in Comfort

Your bedroom is the ultimate retreat at the end of the day and it should be comfort-forward. Curate a mood board of how you want your bedroom to look. There’s a plethora of options for bedroom furniture designs across themes such as classic, contemporary, modern, and so much more. Here’s a curated collection of furniture that will suit your taste for all things trendy and premium. It’s also smart to bring more stylish storage solutions such as consoles ,study desks ,media units , and much more.

Quick Takeaways

1) Read and research the options available in a particular category and always keep your mood board as a reference point.

2) If you’re skeptical about shopping for furniture online, you can visit Bay Window’s furniture store in Hyderabad. However, you can also use the AR Visualiser to get a closer look at the product and get a better look and feel of it.

3) Don’t forget to bring it all together with some decor pieces like wall decor,mirrors , partitions,lamps , and more that act as a finishing act for your home decor journey.

Now you’re set to Live Better with a premium selection of furniture that exudes creativity. Happy furniture shopping!

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