10 Living Room Inspirations You’ll Love

Minimalism has captivated the world with the ‘less is more’ philosophy and while it brings a sense of calm and control in the space, it requires some planning to make your home aesthetics minimal. For instance, if you’re considering your living room furniture plan to be more minimal, you can still go for different themes and art styles rather than sticking to a monochromatic palette.

Let’s dive into this trend of clean style and simplicity with our curated list of 10 ideas to incorporate minimal furniture that’s also functional and unconventional.

1) Low-Height Furniture Designs

Opting for a low-seating sofa set designfor the living room will give it an illusion of heightened ceilings. You can consider any modular sofa that brings a sense of comfort and contemporary aesthetic.

2)Functional Minimalist Furniture

Minimalist furniture is often connected to the Scandinavian style of livingand the key aspect of that culture is rooted in functionalism. Find pieces that can accommodate all your needs without sacrificing space.

3) More With Lights

Invest in lights that give your living room a style sense and also more space. You can experiment with floor lamps and ceiling lamps, let in more natural light, or use some wall lamps that also work as your living room wall decor.

4) Living Room Accent Chairs

One core principle of going minimal is to move away from oversized sofas and bring in accent chairs for your living room. It’s a classy and sophisticated way to add more seating options while not overwhelming the space.

5)Wooden Sophistication

Incorporating plush chairs with a wooden finish brings a surreal beauty to any space. This combination elevates the ambience and makes for a great living room furniture collection.

6)The Focal Point

No matter how minimalistic, your living space still needs a focal point that binds the room together without creating a visual barrier. Adorn your space with elegant pieces such as mirrors, or this stunning wall decor piece, or just throw a neutral rug on the floor.

7)TV Cabinet Design

Opt for a media unit that has clean lines, light-coloured wooden panels and a simple form. While pondering over TV cabinet design may sound like extra work, it’s surely going to make a big impact in your living room.

8)Simple Wall Decor

Living room wall decor can get tricky because there are one too many things you’d want to ornament the wall with. However, sticking to modern art pieces that complement your color theory and living room furniture will add just the right amount of artistic touch to the space.

9)Simple Shelving

Classy wall paneling and minimalist shelves keep the luxury quotient high. Keep the living room furniture simple by bringing in a functional bookshelf with simple lines, just enough to add more dimension to your space.

10)Be A Minimalist

Renovating your living room into a minimal space doesn’t limit you to opting for clean and neutral furniture. You need to incorporate the approach into your lifestyle. Think of what’s important for you and the basic functionality of the space. In the end, it should be something that touches, moves, and inspires you.

Now that you have all the thought-starters to embark on your journey, you can start shopping for the best-suited furniture that helps you Live Better, In Style.

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