Transform Your Space: Restyle Your Home Using What You Already Own

Amidst the current trend of restyling homes into a modern abode, one ends up spending way too much time, effort, and money on these projects. However, what goes amiss is the allure of upcycling and repurposing what you already own. Because let’s be honest, restoring the charm of your old furniture and breathing new life into it sounds like a perfect transformation plan, right?

So let’s dive right in and explore space-efficient and creative ways of using existing decor items to restyle them for modern home designs.

Step 1: Declutter

To assess what needs to be retained, you’d have to declutter your space first. Get rid of unnecessary items like crooked decor items, tables with wonky legs, or anything that’s not serving its purpose anymore. Keep in mind that we’re looking for modern home designs so only keep items with the potential of bringing life into your space moodboard.

Step 2: Move Around

One of the simplest and instantly effective ways to restyle your home is by rearranging the furniture. You can look for areas with better lighting sources and experiment with a layout that maximizes space and enhances functionality.

Start by moving a sofa to a different space, changing the side of your bookshelf, setting up the dining table to a new corner, or perhaps, no corner at all. Such small readjustments can make a dramatic difference and give you a first glance into your favorite modern home designs.

Step 3: Repurpose Decor Items

This is where it gets more fun and creative! Take out your favourite decor items and work around repurposing them. An old ladder can be turned into a rustic shelving unit or a vintage trunk might serve as a media unit. Remember, you can also complement these pieces with Bay Window’s exclusive collection of lamps, rugs, partitions, and more!

A combination of old and new will truly make your space unique and characteristic. After all, we all love some distinct charm to our house, right?

Restyling the house is always an exciting venture to take up. However, we often forget about the furniture or decor items we bought with love years back. It’s not necessary to discard them; all you need to do is think outside the box and make that box the most creative piece of art. And all of this can be made a little better with the right use of lighting, colours, and textures. Make sure you check out our other blogs for more inspiration!

Happy restyling!

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