3 Home Decor Ideas for Modern Homes

Indian homes are the epitome of creativity - each home reflects the personality of its residents, their cultural roots, and moods. When it comes to decorating Indian homes, blending modernity with traditional elements is considered to be of utmost importance. Let’s explore how you can include some modern home decor items in your home and infuse a creative personality into it.

Here are three inspirational home decor ideas that can make your Indian home a haven of style, comfort, and inspiration for anyone visiting you.

The Balance

Embrace the rich heritage of Indian art by bringing in a traditional piece of art or a painting and complementing it with a contemporary art piece. This juxtaposition will bring more depth and character to your home. You can try this experiment on any corner or wall in your home. It also becomes a focal point in the room as the visual interest will strike your visitors to break into a conversation about it.

A Vibrant Play

Indian art and textiles are all about vibrant colors and intricate designs. No matter if your home follows a minimal theme, if it’s inspired by Indian decor, the craftsmanship shows! Check out the amazing things you will find for home decor online on our website. From rugs to a partition, every piece of furniture evokes a sense of warmth and comfort - just as we like it in Indian homes.

If you’re someone who likes to make a bold statement, go for vibrant colors while buying cushions, curtains, sofas, and more. Such is the vibe of Dopamine Decor - the latest decor trend that includes vibrant colors, bold patterns, eclectic prints, tactile texture, and a playful interaction of all these elements. A decor that makes you feel good, literally!

Green Indoors

One of the highlighting characteristics of an Indian home is that it nurtures nature indoors as well as outdoors. Use this approach to create a serene and refreshing ambience in your home. Indoor plants aren’t just restricted to the floor or table. You can also mount them on the wall or dangle them from a low ceiling.

Blending modern home decor items with traditional Indian elements will allow you to create a unique and truly inspiring living space. Now, with Bay Windows AT Visualiser, your online shopping experience has become even more convenient. Make sure you check the Ethnic Chic and Art Deco collection before you buy home decor online.

Discover a new aesthetic for your home with these tips, happy shopping!

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